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History of Dog chew

The woman returned to the U.S., along with a few samples of the local Chhurpi. After rigorous testing, it was found this 'human' food met all the nutritional requirements set by international organizations.
This is how Chhurpi, native to the Himalayan region, came to the American market. Royal Dog Chew offers Churrpi made from authentic Nepalese recipe, packaged as healthy and tasty dog chews. Because your dog deserves the best!

ORIGIN OF ROYAL DOG CHEW: Chauri (Yaks) and local cows rearing areas in high mountainous area and alpine regions of Nepal

Better Taste Fat-Free Dog Chews

Your dog needs the healthiest treats for their well-being. And with Royal Dogs Chew, you get exactly that. As a leading pet food supplier located in Washington, Pennsylvania, we use our resources to obtain the best ingredients to create ideal and health-packed dog chews.

Himalayan sourced, our nutritional supplements available online include organic dog chews in a number of flavors. Using authentic recipes and artisan cheese, we utilize various healthy ingredients such as yak and local cow milk in our pet food production so that your pooch has a healthy and complete diet.

For the best food for your dog, go with the organic Royal Dogs Chew! Contact us today at +1 484 272 5888 or email us at info@royaldogchew.pet to find out more.

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